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SNUBA offers the best way to go beyond snorkeling without the responsibility or commitment of a deep dive. It is truly an ideal underwater experience. Under the supervision of our warm, friendly and certified SNUBA Guides, you can intimately explore exotic marine life from a fully guided and safe perspective. SNUBA requires no time-consuming training, dive experience or bulky equipment, leaving you with absolute freedom and comfort to breathe easily under water and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of our Marine Life...

  • Ages 8 to 80+
  • SNUBA Doo adventure for children ages 4-7
  • No dive experience necessary
  • Professionally guided tours
  • 15 Minute briefing followed by an incredible underwater tour
  • Enjoy at your level of comfort
  • No time consuming training or heavy equipment
  • The safest way to explore the underwater world

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Pigeon Island Snuba

  • $82.00

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