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LucianStyle Development Corporation was established in 2006 and is on a relentless mission to improve the face of tourism in St. Lucia. The idea of a 'LucianStyle Experience' is quite a simple one. Our guests enjoy unique and legendary experienced provided in a fashion that only we can provide...LucianStyle! We are a full service St. Lucian Destination Management Company designed for the times and ready to serve the needs of our travelling public.

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A friendly, knowledgable, committed team makes up our staff and a beautiful, conveniently located, spacious building makes up our reception area. When you put your travel plans in our hands, before your plane even lands we cater to your demands! We are already pioneers in many regards and aspire to continue braking new grounds in the provision of tourism services.

Travel Planning - Hotel Bookings - Airport Pick-Ups - Transfers - Tour Bookings - Custom Group Arrangements - Eco-Tours - Segway Events - Island Wide Discount Club

Taking it all a step further than an airport transfer!

For over seven years LucianStyle Development Corporation has been operating from the heart of St. Lucia's Tourist Capital, providing visitors to this island with an array of unique experiences and helpful services. We hold all of the necessary insurances and have all of the tools at our disposal to handle groups of ANY size. We are always interested in making new connections and building new bridges with you and your group.

So... allow us to make your stay into a "real vacation". Leave all the organizing and planning to us, while we allow you to enjoy your time on our beautiful island. Not only do we ensure that your group is met at any airport or port in St. Lucia, but we provide a personalized experience with the warm personal welcome by our courteous Representatives, catering to your needs. We ensure that you are escorted from the airport to your hotel, assist with check-ins, and that you are settled comfortably. All your activities for your group is efficiently organized and all you have to do is to show up!

Though we hate goodbyes, we do ensure that your return trip to the airport or port, is just as memorable as when you first arrived.

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