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FREE island concierge service for ALL St. Lucia tours

Get the very best VIP treatment when you book with LucianStyle Experiences! After all, you deserve it!

This is our most popular booking option – and for good reason… Here’s how it works:
Book your St. Lucian airport pickup + island tours + airport return trip with us, and at no added cost, we will assign to you or your group a ‘Personal Island Assistant’ who will greet you at the airport and provide you with a pre-programmed island cell phone! This phone contains many useful numbers and can be used to reach our offices at any time if the need arises. Your island assistant knows all the best spots for food, entertainment, romance or exploration and how to get the best deals while you’re out and about on the island!
The tours can be booked when you arrive on island and don’t need to be booked in advance – unless of course you already know for sure what you want to do.
Rest easy and enjoy St. Lucia the way it was meant to be enjoyed – with the Lucian travel experts! LucianStyle Experiences.. Here – for you!!

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