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Piton Sunset
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Model: Piton Sunset
Cruise to Sugar Beach in Soufriere, a magical bay nestled between the iconic Piton to swim and snorkel. Enjoy a stocked bar on board as you take in the spectacular St Lucian sunset with the Pitons as the backdrop. This five hour cruise is the extended sunset cruise, take in sun, sea… and sunset...
Sea Trek Sea Trek
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Brand: LucianStyle Development Corp. Model: Sea Trek
Sea Trek Adventure Helmet Diving. This activity is as close as it gets to the sensations of walking in space. If you can walk and breathe- you can Sea Trek. Under the supervision of our warm, friendly and certified Sea Trek Guides, you will take a walk on the “wet” side which brings you face to ..
Brand: LucianStyle Development Corp. Model: Snuba
SNUBA offers the best way to go beyond snorkeling without the responsibility or commitment of a deep dive. It is truly an ideal underwater experience. Under the supervision of our warm, friendly and certified SNUBA Guides, you can intimately explore exotic marine life from a fully guided and saf..
Soufriere Adventure Soufriere Adventure
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Brand: LucianStyle Development Corp. Model: Soufriere Adventure
Enjoy a light breakfast as you sail along the west coast to the town of Soufriere. Sail past the fishing villages of Anse La Raye and Canaries and enjoy the approach to the majestic Pitons. In Soufriere, take the shuttle to Diamond Botanical Gardens for a tour of the gardens before lunch at a Pl..
Brand: LucianStyle Development Corp. Model: Soufriere in a Nutshell
Take a leisurely drive through dense forests and lush vegetation to the legendary town of Soufriere, where you will be welcomed by a magnificent view of the majestic Pitons. These twin volcanic peaks, rise triumphantly out of the Caribbean Sea and have been designated a UNESCO world heritage sit..
Adrena-Line Adrena-Line
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Model: Adrena-Line
**DUE TO COVID-19, THIS TOUR IS CURRENTLY ONLY AVAILABLE ON CERTAIN DAYS. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR THE NEXT SCHEDULE **Get hitched up to a series of cables and zip from platform to platform in the tree canopy and swing like Tarzan or Jane.  If your adrenaline isn’t flowing then, a brisk hike to ..
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