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Hike the Piton! & Other Hiking Trails

Brand: LucianStyle Development Corp. Model: Bird Watching
St Lucia is home to several endemic species and some of the region’s most intriguing birdlife; the Castries Waterworks forest reserve is a favoured environment for many of them.  The bird watching hike is designed to engage everyone from the serious birder to the casual enthusiast. The tour ..
Mount Pimard Hike Mount Pimard Hike
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Brand: LucianStyle Development Corp. Model: Mount Pimard Hike
Enjoy an exhilarating and scenic hike accompanied by our well-trained guides up to the breathtakingly beautiful summit of Mount Pimard - located in St. Lucia’s Tourism capital of Rodney Bay. Heard of the Pitons, right? Well, this is the only other mountain hike on the island (apart from the Pito..
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